Chancellor Sunak responds to questions on Palestine and immigration


Chancellor Sunak expresses concern over rising antisemitism in the UK

During a program on Morgan’s YouTube channel, Chancellor Sunak addressed questions regarding his one year in office as well as current issues. He highlighted the unacceptable nature of certain slogans and statements used during weekly solidarity protests for Palestine, emphasizing that the recent surge in antisemitism in the UK is shocking.

Sunak discusses Israel’s actions in Gaza

When asked about the proportionality of Israel’s attacks on Gaza since October 7th, Sunak stated that Israel has not only the right but also the obligation to protect its people and ensure that such attacks do not happen again. He also expressed concern over civilian casualties in Gaza and stressed the need for Israel to take necessary measures to prevent further loss of life.

Efforts to provide more aid to Gaza

Sunak mentioned that he has urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to open more aid corridors to Gaza. He believes that an “sustainable ceasefire” can be achieved by releasing prisoners and allowing more aid to enter Gaza. However, he also emphasized the importance of eliminating Hamas and removing it as a threat to Israel for such a ceasefire to occur.

Insufficient aid to Gaza and the need for progress

Sunak acknowledged that the current amount of aid entering Gaza is not enough, but highlighted the progress made in increasing the number of aid trucks entering the region. He mentioned the ongoing efforts to convince Netanyahu to allow more aid and stressed the importance of further assistance to improve the situation in Gaza.

Support for a two-state solution

Sunak reiterated his country’s support for a two-state solution and emphasized the need to double efforts in collaboration with regional partners to achieve this goal.

Controversy over plans to deport irregular migrants to Rwanda

Regarding the deportation of irregular migrants to Rwanda, Sunak stated that those who enter the country illegally should not be allowed to stay and should be deported. He believes that if their home countries are not safe or in times of war, it is necessary to send them to a safe alternative. He mentioned the plan with Rwanda as part of this strategy.

Controversy and criticism over the wager on deportation

Opposition representatives criticized Sunak for his willingness to wager on the deportation of irregular migrants before the elections. Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Hamza Yusuf criticized the Conservative government, stating that they always find ways to demean themselves. Meanwhile, the Labour Party’s Bell Ribeiro-Addy highlighted the moral implications of treating vulnerable lives as a simple bet. Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael also criticized Sunak’s readiness to spend £1,000, considering it a large sum that should not be easily thrown away.